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This section will give you some information on things I enjoy that just didn't fit into any of the other categories. It also includes some posts I made previously on here before I had my Blog

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Miscellaneous Links
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02/15/2015 The Real Shades of Grey This is a Fan site for the Jasper Fforde book Shades of Grey, what I call The Real Shades of Grey, as opposed to the one that has become so popular. This book is much better and more interesting.
11/29/2012 David Devaney, Jr. LinkedIn Profile This Link is for my LinkedIn Professional Profile. Here you can find most of my professional job experience. If you are interested in Hiring me please be sure to visit this profile to see if my experience meets your needs.
11/29/2012 David Devaney, Jr. Professional Twitter This is my Professional Twitter account. Please follow me if you would like to hire me or want to know what's going on in my professional life.

I don't post on this account that often. If you want to follow my Non-Professional Twitter account, go back and look for my Lord Dewi profile.
11/29/2012 LordDewi Twitter This is a link to my Lord Dewi Twitter. Here is where I do most of my tweets. Some serious, some funny, some...you don't want to look. But if you want to follow me, please do.

This would be considered my Non-Professional Twitter. If you want to follow my, more boring, Professional Twitter then go back and look for that link.
11/29/2012 My Facebook Page Facebook! Nuff Said! This is a link to my Facebook Profile. If you'd like to add me, please include a note or send me a message first.
07/31/2005 My Space Visit my MySpace.com account.
07/31/2005 Last Name Statistic from Name Statistics Devaney is the #8580 most common last name.
0.001% of last names in the US are Devaney.
Around 2500 US last names are Devaney!
07/31/2005 First Name Statistic from Name Statistics DAVID is the #6 most common male name.
2.363% of men in the US are named DAVID.
Around 2894675 US men are named DAVID!
05/20/2005 Craigslist CraigsList is an amazing resource. It's basically just Classified Ads, but it seems like so much more. It is also a community with discussion forums.

CraigsList has practically any classified ad section you can think of. Housing, For Sale, Personals, Jobs, as well as the Community section where you can find a Calendar, Musicians, Artists, etc.

The thing that put's it over the top is it's Local. Meaning ther is a section for many major cities throughout the WORLD. The Ads are ONLY for that City. You don't have to wade through superfluous stuff to find things in your area.

I check it Every Day.
05/12/2005 Who's Your Inner European?
My Inner European is Italian!
Passionate and colorful. You show the world what culture really is.
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