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This is the Technology section of my website. Technology has and still does play a big part in my life. It has however been a boon and a bane. I have been able to keep steady work because of Technology but then it has afforded me a lifestyle that is hard to leave to pursue a career in Music or Theater. It will all work out for me though. And in the meantime you can find out what Technologies interest me and what I'm knowledgable about.

Have Fun!!

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11/29/2012 Engadget This is a great Website for keeping up with Technology. There are regular posts about Computers, Websites, Smartphones and other Technology.
03/10/2005 DDH Software Website for DDH Software. DDH is the developer of HanDBase, a database program, and other software for Palm and Pocket PC handhelds.

DDH is my current employer.
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