DavidDevaney.com Acting - Voice Acting and Anime Roles I've Recorded - 08/21/2017
This section of my website highlights my Theatrical accomplishments.

I have been acting for many years, in some way or another. I basically stopped when I started college and have recently gotten back into it. I'm looking forward to pursuing Theater much more in the future and I invite you to follow along in my journey here.

After getting back into Theater in the Houston area I was fortunate enough to meet one of my best friends Christopher Ayres and his brother Greg Ayres and Chris gave me the opportunity to do some Voice Acting in the English Dubs of Anime shows. If you click the Voice Acting link you can see what shows I've performed in and, if you feel like it, purchase a DVD copy of those shows so I can get a little something back.

Click the Current Productions link to the left to see what I'm currently working on. Click the Previous Productions link to the left to see what I've done in the past. Click the Voice Acting link to see what Anime shows I've done voice work for. Click the Theater Links link to the left to find some great theater Resources.

Help me out by purchasing official Soundtracks or DVDs of the shows through Amazon using the links on each production page.


Voice Acting and Anime Productions
The Book of Bantorra Kyasma Seraphim Digital Studios 05/15/2012
Night Raid 1931 Various Seraphim Digital Studios 08/16/2011
Tears to Tiara Dekimus Seraphim Digital Studios 11/24/2009
Ghost Hound Brewer (eps 8-10); Go Katsuma (eps 8-11) Seraphim Digital Studios 10/20/2009
The Wallflower Various A.D. Vision Films 12/18/2007
Magikano Osune (ep 4) Shinichi (ep 11) A.D. Vision Films 12/04/2007
Xenosaga: The Animation Blonde Realian A.D. Vision Films 09/11/2007
Nerima Daikon Brothers Money Man A.D. Vision Studios 12/19/2006
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