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This is the Web Design section of my website. I've been designing websites for many years now, in one way or another. From my meager beginnings with my own page on an ISP with links to my interests, to the original design of my previous Church's website, to what you see today.

This page will showcase some of my accomplishments in Web Design and direct you to sites that I have designed or admire as well as to great Web Development resources.

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02/15/2015 An Occasional Verse This is a website I created for my father back in 2004 to showcase his Poetry. It has an Admin section that was written from scratch in PHP to allow him and other users to sign up and submit poetry through the UI of the website. It uses a MySQL database to store the poems and collections for others to read.
02/15/2015 The Real Shades of Grey This is a Fan site for the Jasper Fforde book Shades of Grey, what I call The Real Shades of Grey, as opposed to the one that has become so popular. This book is much better and more interesting.
11/29/2012 Ocean Village Hotel Website When I worked for Beach House Associates and their Ocean Village Hotel I designed the Ocean Village Hotel website to help draw and inform Guests.
03/10/2005 An Occasional Verse An Occasional Verse is one of my web design projects. This is my Father's concept. It is a website for showcasing his Poetry as well as allowing other poets the ability to upload their poetry.

I created this website from scratch using PHP and MySQL. All the poems are stored in the MySQL database and the pages are, for the most part, generated on the fly using PHP.
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